Our most popular class is a high intensity workout that melts those calories away and gives you the opportunity to de-stress. These classes provide you with boxing orientated workouts that a variety of exercises using bag work, boxing combinations, strength and conditioning equipment, skipping, feet work and abdominal exercises. These sessions are a full-body workout and help increase your cardiovascular endurance whilst also helping you gain boxing skills and self defense techniques.

Customer Review

  • Incredible gym! I’ve been going only a week now but I really feel that I’m learning at a steady, engaging pace. Every trainer I’ve had teaches in a unique, dynamic way and all their teachings feed into each other seamlessly. When you come into this place you can feel the passion and camaraderie in the air immediately. I couldn’t recommend a better gym.


  • Friendly, diverse, fun family environment, suitable for all skill and fitness levels. The brothers have created a fantastic inclusive culture where everyone feels welcome and part of the community. Motivating and supportive coaches, who all seem genuinely pleased to be there, who love what they do, and who are genuinely invested in your growth and improvement.


  • I started boxing here over 12 years ago and couldn’t recommend the cardio box enough to anyone of any age or fitness level looking for a high energy workout!!