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    - Arrive 15 mins before class with your wraps (scroll down for tutorial), gloves, water and towel
    - Gloves are available to hire and wraps can be purchased from a friendly staff member
    - Meet the trainer


    - We always run through basics at the start of every class
    - Learn to box, acquire a new skill, have fun, get fit and burn calories
    - We prioritize technique and fundamentals for first-timers and those in need of guidance.


    - Speak to our team about membership options that best suit you.
    - We look forward to having you join our family at Brisbane Boxing.
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At Brisbane Boxing, our workout sessions follow a numbered punch system 1 to 6 for a streamlined and dynamic experience. Each punch in boxing has been assigned a number as follows:

  • 1. Jab (lead hand)

  • 2. Cross (rear hand)

  • 3. Lead hook

  • 4. Rear hook

  • 5. Lead uppercut

  • 6. Rear uppercut

In practice, our trainers will call out numbers like '1 1 2' or '1 2 3'. This means you'll be doing a sequence of punches like 'jab jab cross' or 'jab cross lead hook', respectively. This system helps to create a smooth, energetic flow during the class, even for first-timers.

Don't worry if you're new - our expert trainers are there to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your punches are executed with the correct technique.

How To Wrap Hands For Boxing

Frequently Asked Questions

As our classes will only have limited spaces available, ALL OF OUR MEMBERSHIPS (including passes) are required to book before coming in. Classes are available through booking only via our website and our own Brisbane Boxing mobile app.

We require all class participants to have their own wraps, gloves, and towel as a minimum requirement. If you do not have your own wraps or gloves, they are available for purchase at each of our West End, Mt Gravatt, and Carina gyms.

We do also stock a wide range of UBOX gear for those that would like to invest in their own equipment.

Our classes are designed to cater for all skill and fitness levels, so we encourage everyone to try to the best of their ability, regardless of fitness or experience.

We welcome all people, it doesn’t matter if you have never boxed a day in your life. We will help you with technique and you will develop skills as you train.

We recommend you wear comfortable active wear, and enclosed sneakers.

Please bring a towel, and make sure you bring your hand wraps and gloves – these are available for purchase at all gym locations if you don’t already have them.

Yes- children from 12 can train at any of our classes. We do require a parent or guardian to sign a waiver form prior to attending, for any children under 18 years of age.

Children from aged 10 can attend our classes while accompanied by a parent or guardian.

All participants including children must have hand wraps.

Our Mt Gravatt and West End gyms have mens and womens showers. Our Carina gym only has toilet facilities at the moment.

Class participants do have priority on all equipment during class times, so the use of equipment is subject to approval by the trainer

It all depends on you! We have members that train most days with us & others that only attend a few sessions per month. It comes down to time, goals, and how your body feels.

Sparring isn’t a requirement as part of training, any sparring will need to be approved by coaches.

As sparring requires experience and skill, sparring is subject to the approval of the coach only.

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on being welcoming to all people. The majority of our Cardio Box classes are women, and we have a number of female boxing trainers on our Brisbane Boxing team.

We do not refund any membership or pass payments unless they were erroneous or otherwise noted. There are no refunds or exchanges on any worn merchandise, gloves, or anything that has been worn. We also do not refund 3, 6, and 12 month memberships if not used.