Join the boxing revolution at our HQ gym in South of Brisbane established in 2011, just a stone's throw away from Garden City and a short drive from the CBD. Try us out for free and see why we're the top choice for fitness enthusiasts

520 Kessels Rd, Macgregor

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Customer Review

  • BEST BOXING GYM IN BRISBANE Love this place, been to a lot of gyms and nothing compares. Their cardiobox class is top notch, for everyone, even a oldie like me. They have a fighters class too which I've noticed how these kids are mentored in to good respectful human beings. Highly recommend!!!


  • Brisbane Boxing (Mt Gravatt) is a hidden gem that I am glad to have found. The owners, trainers, and everyone that I have met who work there, are so kind, outgoing and are very friendly and welcoming.

    I mostly do the cardio box sessions which are great value for money. They are focused boxing workouts that always change (Keeping me on my toes) and they are fun too. It feels like a real family for those that train here.

    Thanks for being such an amazing place to assist me on my weight loss journey.


  • Brisbane Boxing is a truelly unique boxing gym. There is an undeniable family atmosphere that lays the foundation to success in whatever goal you are looking to achieve. People from all walks of life come together and show respect and kindness to every single person that walks through the door. Coaches, fighters, juniors, parents and fitness enthusiasts all embrace the culture of togetherness, making this gym the perfect choice for long term membership and keystone to keeping fit and healthy for all of life's challenges. Come and see for yourself!